How does airless paint sprayer work

Everyone desires perfect and hustle-free work. So for that, people try their level best to find new ways to complete their Painting projects. Airless paint sprayer is the best option for painting ceilings, walls, roofs, cars, surfaces, and many other things in minimum time. people can use paint sprayers to save time and energy. Now the question is how does an airless paint sprayer work?

This article will provide you with all information about how to use an airless paint sprayer easily.


Francis Davis Millet was the first person to invent a necessary spray painting device, with Edward Seymour advancing this technique into an aerosol form in 1892. Over 60 years ago, a company named Graco invented the first portable airless paint sprayer.

A stagnant paint spraying system gives a glass-smooth layer of coating over surfaces that are practically impossible to paint using a brush or roller. There are two types of paint sprayers, air paint sprayers, and airless paint sprayers. We will explain the working system of a spray painting machine in this article.


Moreover, if you are a beginner and are conscious about using an airless paint sprayer, you are in the right place. Read the tips and tricks written below, and get to know the answer to your query. Let’s look at these useful tips to help you use your airless paint sprayer quickly and easily.


Setting your sprayer is the first step of using an airless paint sprayer. It should organize accurately. Keep one thing in your mind how to make a paint sprayer varies based on models. There are minor differences in the setting process, but basically, we set most of the sprayers in the following ways.

  • Connect spray gun and hose
  • Set the guard if the sprayer
  • Attach the tip of the sprayer

For more comprehensive and detailed information, check the company’s manual with your airless paint sprayer.


After setting your sprayer properly next step is to prepare the surface. You have to paint it. Properly preparing your surface body is very important and you should know all the things so that you will get perfect results. Make sure that your surface is neat and clean.

There should be no dust particles on the surface. Thoroughly wash the painting area with cleaners and let the surface dry properly. If your working area is wet, because of the damp surface, the paint will not stay, and your time, energy, and money will get wasted.

After cleaning the surface, the next step is to fill the cracks and uneven surfaces. And then start painting. In case you are painting an exterior outdoors, make sure that you have covered all the things with plastic wrap or an old piece of cloth to protect them from paint drops.


You must know all the basic techniques of using the sprayer properly to give you a smooth finish and perfect results. Make sure to keep a distance of approximately 12 inches between the sprayer and the surface. Be careful about your motions while painting the exterior. Proper strokes will give you full coverage.


Filters are essential for airless paint sprayers because of their high pressure. You need to ensure that the filter is clean before using an airless paint sprayer. Because some grains, dirt, dried paint, or tiny particles can stick over the sprayer after the last use, there is the possibility of damage to your sprayer, so it is crucial to clean it before use.

Moreover, using airless paint sprayer, with dirty filters can quickly become clogged up with lumpy coatings, so it is best to stir them well or even strain them using a nylon filter bag before using an airless paint sprayer.


In addition to this, if you are using an airless paint sprayer, then prime the sprayer pump before spraying. Remove the guard and spray tip from the gun and hold it above the waste container before pulling the Airless paint machine’s trigger.

Switch the spray valve to ‘prime’ and then turn the pump on while using an airless paint sprayer. Increase the pressure until the paint starts flowing out of the prime tube, then place the tube into the paint pot. It is vital to make sure that there are no air bubbles trapped in the tube, so let the paint flow until you can’t see any. It should take about thirty seconds.


Next, the pressure needs to be released. Switch the power to ‘off’ and turn the spray lever to ‘prime.’ Hold the gun over the waste container before pulling the trigger, which will relieve the pressure. Then lock the trigger.

The paint passes through a hose. Then out of a little hole in the tip of a spray gun, it exists in a continuous stream under too high pressure. However, it breaks up into a spray of tiny droplets from an airless paint sprayer when it comes into contact with the air.


Furthermore, an accurate setup of the tip is also fundamental. First of all, install the tip and attach the guard to the gun at a 90-degree angle. Then insert the spray tip into the sprayer and tighten it. The pressure of the piston paint sprayer must then adjust because too little will lead to an irregular spray pattern, and undue pressure will increase the amount of overspray and wear out the tip more quickly.

To check the pressure, ensure the spray valve is switched to ‘spray,’ then test the spray pattern. The pressure will need to increase if the spray pattern has tails or fingers or is uneven.


  • Always read the manual that comes with the spray painting machine.
  • Wear overalls, safety goggles, and a respirator during spraying by paint pumps.
  • When spraying outside paint, fog can enter by the wind, so covering neighboring surfaces is essential.
  • Cover any surfaces that will not paint to protect them from overspray by paint gun drawing.
  • If spraying inside, ensure the working area is well-ventilated.
  • After you have finished spraying and cleaning the airless paint system out, Relieve the pressure before you connect a tip to the gun.
  • Please do not cover the pump with anything because air must be able to circulate it.
  • Stir the coating well before spraying and get rid of large pieces of solid particles with a strainer
  • To keep overspray to a minimum, use the lowest amount of pressure possible for atomization.
  • When you are not spraying, make sure the trigger is locked.
  • Do not tilt the gun in different directions when airless paint spraying, as this will result in an uneven coating of paint on surfaces.
  • Airless paint sprayer nozzles are available in different sizes, so choose according to your work needs.


Airless paint sprayers are the best option to use for painting different surfaces. Moreover, these sprayers work with fast speed and complete your large projects in less time. So you can do more work in less time while using an airless paint pump. Their working speed is ten times higher than painting brushes and rollers.

So it is the best choice to use airless paint sprayers for your job. Especially, airless sprayers are the best paint sprayer for paint. In a nutshell, we hope that this article helps you in gaining information about airless paint sprayers. Because we give our 100% to make it clear how to use a paint spray gun and why they are beneficial for you. I hope you like this article. Live a long and healthy life! Take care.

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